Homes2bid FAQs

Click on the Question to See Answer is an online platform designed for buying and selling homes through auctions. It offers a streamlined process for both buyers and sellers to participate in real estate transactions. allows sellers to list their properties with a low upfront fee and a competitive total fee structure. Buyers can bid on listed properties through an innovative online bidding system. offers a platform for auctioning homes, connecting buyers and sellers, and provides tools like an outbid notification system to keep buyers informed during the bidding process. is available to anyone interested in buying or selling real estate through auctions across the United States.

Yes, operates nationwide, facilitating auctions for homes and properties throughout the country.

Yes, operates nationwide, facilitating auctions for homes and properties throughout the country.

Getting Started

To start bidding, first familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of each property. Then, register on the website to create your bidding account.

Before bidding, ensure you understand the specific terms and conditions of each property listing to make informed decisions.

Yes, registration is required to bid on You can register by visiting the website and following the simple registration process.

There are no fees to register for bidding on Fees are associated with listing a property for sale or upon successfully closing a purchase.

Bidding Process

Bidders can place bids online through’s auction platform. Bids can be monitored and adjusted based on notifications received through the outbid tool.

Yes, you can place multiple bids on a property to stay competitive during the auction period.

The outbid tool sends text notifications to bidders when they’ve been outbid, allowing them to quickly place another bid directly from their mobile device.

You will receive real-time notifications through text messages informing you of any new bids placed on the property you are interested in.

Yes, a buyer’s premium of 1% will be added to the final sales contract upon successfully winning a bid and closing on the property.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for each property are listed on the property’s auction page on

They include details such as bidding deadlines, payment terms, property disclosures, and any specific conditions set by the seller.

Generally, you need to register on and agree to abide by the terms and conditions set for each property auction to participate.

Selling on Homes2Bid

Sellers can list their homes by paying a $1,000 upfront fee. Upon successful closing, a total fee of 1% of the final sales price is deducted from the upfront fee.

The upfront listing fee is $1,000. The total fee upon successful closing is 1% of the final sales price, deducted from the upfront fee.

The $1,000 upfront fee is paid when listing the home. The remaining balance of the total fee (1% of the final sales price) is paid at closing. offers a cost-effective way to list and sell homes through auctions, providing exposure to a wide audience of potential buyers.

Brokers Network

Real estate brokers can join the Brokers Network by contacting through their website or designated channels.

Joining the Brokers Network expands your client base, increases listings, and provides access to collaboration opportunities with other brokers nationwide.

Experienced real estate brokers with knowledge of the auction process and a commitment to client satisfaction are eligible to join.

The network facilitates referrals, enhances market presence, and offers resources for providing comprehensive real estate services across various locations.

Support and Assistance

Yes, provides customer support to assist with any questions or concerns regarding the buying or selling process.

Customer support can be reached through the contact information provided on the website.

Yes, connects buyers and sellers with qualified real estate brokers who specialize in the auction process.

Brokers offer guidance, market insights, and assistance throughout the entire auction process to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

Partners and Sponsors partners with sponsors including providers of home loans, title insurance, and home inspection services.

Sponsors offer essential services that support the home buying and selling process, ensuring a seamless experience for users of

o inquire about becoming a sponsor, you can email at for more information on costs and participation details.